How to host a trunk show with The Luxury Bee

Hosting a trunk show at your retail location is a great way to gauge interest in bringing in pre-owned luxury handbags as a new category and the process is quite simple with The Luxury Bee.

When hosting a trunk show, you will work with The Luxury Bee to curate a selection of brands and styles that will get your customers excited. You also have the option to have a Luxury Bee employee attend your trunk show to help with set-up, supporting your employees and selling product!

To learn more about hosting a trunk show, check out the FAQ below!

Q. Can anyone host a trunk show?
A. Almost, you must have a Federal EIN and a Resale/Sales Certificate.

Q. How far out should I schedule my trunk show?
A. At least 60 days, longer if possible as we want to make sure we can fully support your event.

Q. Is there a fee to host a trunk show?
A. We do ask for a monetary commitment which should be extremely easy to fulfill with one or two sales.

Q. Is there a limit as to how many items I can bring in for the show?
A. We do not have limits but will work with you as to what makes the most sense for your trunk show.

Q. Can I purchase any items that do not sell?
A. Absolutely!

Q. I have more questions, can we chat?
A. Yes! Please contact us here and we can set up a call.

To learn more or to schedule a Trunk Show for your store, please contact Ashleigh Brooks at